Hi Jan,

Hope you are well, just wanted to post a quick note to let you know how it's going with my site. The site has been up and running for five months now and I'm making sales on most of the products that I promote. The ppc campaign is working really well to make sales, but what excites me more is that the free traffic methods are starting to kick in and making me sales(without lifting a finger).

I must admit that I haven't put the amount of work in that I should have. So far I have only implemented half of the business model, concentrating only on the front end. So easy to get lazy when you start making a profit! I am getting closer to the 1K profit per month mark and I hardly spend any time working on the site.

In the coming months I will implement the back end sales plan to really make the site what it should be(like your model). I will pop in again after a few months to let you know how it's going.

Just a final thought: Looking at other affiliate sites around, I must say that your model is far superior to anything else out there!

I purchased this program from Jan with my Father and would like to share my results and experience. I have had my first 2 sales come in already which is exciting as I'm still building the site and haven't started driving traffic properly yet.

We run 2 FBA business's with Amazon and I felt confident that this affiliate marketing business model would work as I am aware of the high conversion rate of Amazon products as opposed to digital products.

Our reason for building an Authority niche site is because there are many products that an FBA merchant may not be able to buy into but can still market and take a commission from as an affiliate. All my capital is tied up in my FBA business and it is profitable which is great but there is a limit to my growth. This is as way to continue to profit from high ticket items that I otherwise would not be able to market.

Jan's program is excellent, well presented easy to follow and I like his teaching style. He has helped me alot already with some very good tips and ideas. This is a long term online marketing business model that works if YOU are dedicated and prepared to put in the required effort and work. Mindset is very important, building a business (of any type) is long term and your thinking needs to be long term.

If you are serious about building something real that works, Jan's program is a blueprint for how to do this.

I decided to come back and post an update, several people have PMed me asking about how I've been doing. Long story short, this program works, and I am making money. I've had my site up with articles for a few months now, I'm having trouble converting but that's really because I haven't done anything much with my site (like A/B testing or autoresponders as Jan suggested).

I am making some money, not a huge sum, but it's a steady stream. And pretty much I blame myself for not making more money on this program, since it is obvious that his advice works. But I am working on some other money making projects (not IM), so I've sort of neglected it. Perhaps someday soon I'll come back to this and see what I can make.

I hope this helps everyone who read my last post!

I just wanted to give a quick update. Jan's team created a great website for me, and I am now making sales! Yeah!! Jan's team is wonderful to work with. Although I still have a lot to learn, Jan's step-by-step course is exactly what I have been looking for all these years. I now have all the information (not just bits and pieces) I need in order to eventually replace my offline income with online income. I am very grateful to Jan for creating this course.

I have been working with Jan and his team for about 4 weeks now (As a Newbie) literally knowing maybe 1% of everyone here.

Jan has helped me build my website and I learnt from him through the most simple videos ever created and easy to follow, and I am happy to say with only 40% of everything applied I have made my first juicy sale and I am so happy to say that it is worth every penny!

Thank you Jan and your team for supporting me and answering all my million questions on time and helping me achieve what will now grow to be my income stream and my freedom.

Great course Jan! I've always felt this type of program was the best route for me to go, but have never had it laid out so clear, concise and detailed. I just purchased the program a few days ago & already I can see the potential for giving up the "7-5".

I've been a WF lurker for a very long time (even before this account), and feel like there have been a lot of butterflies that were worthy of a chase; but just didn't feel right. Maybe it was just my thinking at the time, but honestly, I don't think I was ready.

I'm finally at a point in life where I am ready for a change in direction. For the past 9 year's, I've owned a $2 million P/Y business with 12 employees; its not horrible, but there are rules that dictate the way it is run. I'd rather not do that for much longer; I'd rather have more control over my future. Jan's course could be the answer. As a matter of fact, it will be You have to put in some effort. Nothing in life is free; nobody is going to knock on your door and say, "I don't really need this 5 million dollars anymore, you take it." I'm afraid that is a fantasy that a lot of people hope for. Never going to happen. You make your choices, you dictate how you are treated & you define your future.

Yes, you can pay $7 bucks for some program that will turn a profit, but in all honesty, its more than likely a gimmick. Not something you could retire on.

Just a few modules in, I know Jan knows his business; I'm just grateful he's willing to share it with me.

Thanks again Jan! Talk soon.

I bought this course.

Ya'll this is the REAL DEAL. It is worth *every* penny; totally comprehensive, NO upsells -- straight-on training by an experienced IMer. He does make a couple of *suggestions* in the training about things to buy and use but really not very much and you could do the program without them. However if you're new and you have the money you might as well buy what he suggests also because it will just be one less thing to think about.

I've bought lots of WSO's and wasted lots and lots of money on lots and lots of junk. This is honestly probably the best IM video course I have ever purchased in my life.

Just buy it and stop complaining. You won't be sorry.

I bought this course by Jan and am IMPRESSED! There is just so much information and practical tips and tricks that I have never seen in all the previous courses that I have purchased (and there been quite a few). Nothing is held back. Not to mention the plugins that come with the course. These alone are worth the price of the course. Highly recommended.

I got a copy of this and went through the entire site and I have to say W O W! Jan blew me away with the indepth training on how to get started. Most courses give you an overview but this one? It is entire business in a box.

Jan says in his Welcome video that if you get this, you won't ever have to buy another WSO or biz plan, and he is right. You just simply have to stick with it and set it up like a business, and not a hobby. I learned a lot of tidbits about advertising that I was missing.

If I were a Newbie or even been online a great deal, I would grab this, study it and follow what Jan says, step-by-step. It would be difficult NOT to be successful if you follow this blueprint.

Really golden and evergreen business model as you can see by his income proof! Get a copy while it is still available because very few people go into detail like Jan does in this course. Awesome sauce, Jan!

Kristie Chiles from Georgia

Hands down one of the best courses that I've read. Ive been making money online ever since and I know the ins and outs of online marketing.

This product as everything that you need in order to start making money now. You only need this product period. plus there's a hidden gem inside that will completely blow your mind.

Every marketer should buy this course now! Don't jump around buying the next big thing. If you want a real business then this is your course

Jan I'm constantly amazed at the wealth of information in each lesson, even though I've been messing with IM for 5 years and thought I had a pretty good grip, this course is an absolute gold mine.

I would of paid 10 times the amount for this type of info when I was starting out. The info is worth much more than that.

Ah Jan great to see your latest release. Steve you may not be aware that Jan created one of the first courses ever created for Amazon affiliates quite a few years back and that one sold like hotcakes for $97 a piece for many, many months. I think given the level of income that Jan has created for himself consistently since then he reserves the right to charge a high-end price for his courses. They are truly top notch.

Jan only releases a product once every few years because he's too busy making money with his websites. I got a review copy to it and he does some of the most indepth Amazon training I've ever seen. The videos I've gone through so far are fascinating and well worth the investment.

Great work, Jan

Before I've gone through his new course, I thought I had all information I need to make my sites successful and was comfortably focusing on only backlinking at this moment. Jan's course says No! to me. PPC, email marketing, squeeze pages, and perseverent split tests are very new components I'm so happy to learn from him. Jan shows from basic steps to high level practical tips together. You'll regret if you miss this course, since many marketers will pick his secrets up and move up!

Olivia Kim

Here's a quick review for those still on the fence.

I did not get a review copy or get an early bird discount, my decision to buy was based on the sales copy, the first couple of posts in this thread, and last but definitely not least: I strongly believe that a successful internet marketer (e.g. someone making enough money to pay the mortgage etc) will create an WSO for only 10 bucks, with all the discussion and sometimes stupid questions that go with that.

Currently I'm about half way through the course, implementing it, but of course I don't yet have any sales. Nevertheless, here are my observations so far:

This is basically a no fluff course, of 20+ video lessons, some other material and including links to a couple of WP plugins AND a few of Jan's custom WP plugins. As he states himself in the course: These two plugins already justify the price of the course!

What sets this course apart from most other courses (and definitely 99.9% of the WSO's) is that he provides the whole picture, the entire proces from picking a niche, planning your site, how to structure and write pages, to getting paid traffic from several sources, getting free traffic, monetizing your site using a portfolio of different options (affiliate, ads, etc etc), to building and monetizing your list.

Is it all totally new? Well... Jan makes a point of illustrating how he learns from succesful products and websites, while setting up a demo website along with the lessons. It's not the first course about setting up an authority site, about tracking and split testing, about list building, but it's definitely the first course I've seen (after reading/viewing several 100's of WSO's and other ebooks and courses) that covers it all, from beginning to end, leaving you with a profitable asset, that you can either copy, or build on further, or both.

Are there guarantees for succes? Well, kinda, sorta, but not in a legal way. Basically, the system works and will work. Succes will depend on your efforts to actually get quality content (Jan shows how to do that, or where to outsource), do split testing to get optimized sales copy, etc.

Does that mean it's the last product I'll ever buy? Probably not, there are always new tricks to use Facebook or Youtube, new sites to leverage for traffic, etc. These products and techniques will be added to the total setup.

The caveat: It's pricey, definitely for a WSO, and to get the most of it, you'll have to make a couple of additional investments, including some cost for paid traffic. It's possible to do that for free, but in my opinion, if you can afford this course, you should also afford a bit of additional investment, with should pay back in a month or two, plus the time to receive and cash in your check from Amazon. (Which reminds me: Although Amazon plays a big role for the resulting site, the approach is by no means limited to Amazon.).

Jan, you are one smart marketer!!! I love your stuff and dig learning from you any chance I get. Glad to know you and I cannot wait to rip into this and see what you're doing here. AWESOME!!!