Proof that I know what I am alking about.

Almost $5 Million Sold as an affiliate on Amazon

Recent Clickbank Earnings From One Of My Site’s List

Adsense Earnings So Far This Year

With my system, you can start making Amazon, Adsense and Clickbank sales from day 1. There is no need to wait months or even years to start seeing results that might never come.

As soon as you log into your account, you’ll have immediate access to all the training modules where you’ll discover….

  • Why most people fail online and how you can easily avoid falling into this trap. I was trapped in it for 3 years but you don’t have too.
  • The exact strategy I use to tackle any niche and become profitable very quickly.
  • Super easy ways to quickly choose a hot niche that virtually guarantees you’ll make money in.
  • How to plan out your site within 20 minutes.
  • How and where to buy hosting, your domain name and which WordPress themes I use on all of my authority sites. You will also receive 22 WordPress tutorial videos which will show you how to easily build your site even if you are computer illiterate like me.
  • The right way to setup your site and how to choose the right settings to maximize your website performance. I even go over some example authority sites you can use to model your site after.
  • How to quickly and easily monetize your site. I’ll give you free access to a plugin I had developed which you can use to easily setup price comparison tables with your affiliate links from all the major e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Overstock, Sears, Home Depot,, Newegg and more. The prices are updated automatically every day without you having to do a thing.
  • The best and fastest way to easily track all your sales from Amazon. You get free access to yet another plugin I had developed in house and am planning on selling for good money on a later stage.
  • How to drive all the traffic you can handle to your site. I cover both free and paid traffic sources in detail with Google Adwords being one of them. I had my sites personally approved by the Adwords team and I’ll show you how to do the same. This is a biggie!
  • How to build your very own subscriber email list into the tens of thousands and how to build a relationship and promote offers to that list. I even emailed the offer in my example niche to one of my lists in a completely different niche and I made 6 Clickbank sales worth $150 in commissions. You’ll see it live in the course.
  • A super simple way of building out your very own product sales funnel which would become a huge money maker for you.
  • Ninja ways to quickly ramp up your traffic once you have a profitable sales funnel that converts well. This strategy alone has the potential to not only make you a full time income, but to make you wealthy as well.
  • What to do if you a broke and strapped for money. This strategy will make you money the fastest without having to spend very much. You can then take your profits and reinvest back into your business by completing your Authority Site.
  • Much more..

Here is what customers said this product. Authority Site Secrets is a major upgrade to my previous Physical Affiliate Product with a much bigger income potential.

Testimonial by Simon

Ok.. after gettng a request I am writing my success with this course:

First one thing to say that This is the only course that completes all the steps necessary to make money with amazon….

Because of Jan’s Product I now have my own car and also I can do what ever I want cause I am making around 7k to 8k per month.

And the most benefit I got from Google’s new update cause they washed my competitor away…

I hope this review will help you make a decision to buy this course or not….

Testimonial by Matt

I would of paid 10 times the amount for this type of info when I was starting out. The info is worth much more than that.

Testimonial by Peter

I hope you don’t mind me dropping you a quick PM! I’m in London, and its 2am over here but I’m too excited to sleep!

I just logged into my Amazon Associates account to check out my sales for the day, and I’ve officially had my first £1000 GBP (roughly $1500) month. All from the very first site that I set up using your method.

I’ve split tested and tweaked here and there, and added my own spin in a few places, but the bulk of it is all your work and I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you for sharing your knowledge. The skills I’ve learned from going through your course are so powerful! I learned more from studying your course and applying and tweaking your methods than I did in 3 years at university, and for literally less than 1% the cost of my expensive university degree!

I’m just easing my second site through, and it’s starting to make daily sales so I’m very excited to see where I’ll be in the next 3 months! And this is all before I’ve begun to try out your PPC method that I invested in a few weeks ago (I want to study that hard before I give it a go).

Anyway, this turned into a bit of a long one – sorry about that! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that I ever heard the name Jan Roos!

Thanks again man, you’re one awesome guy for sharing your knowledge.

All the best,

Testimonial by Mark Smith

Hi Jan,

Hope you are well, just wanted to post a quick note to let you know how it’s going with my site. The site has been up and running for five months now and I’m making sales on most of the products that I promote.

The ppc campaign is working really well to make sales, but what excites me more is that the free traffic methods are starting to kick in and making me sales(without lifting a finger).

I must admit that I haven’t put the amount of work in that I should have. So far I have only implemented half of the business model, concentrating only on the front end. So easy to get lazy when you start making a profit!

I am getting closer to the 1K profit per month mark and I hardly spend any time working on the site.

In the coming months I will implement the back end sales plan to really make the site what it should be(like your model). I will pop in again after a few months to let you know how it’s going.

Just a final thought: Looking at other affiliate sites around, I must say that your model is far superior to anything else out there!

Testimonial by Marc

Hi Jan,

As promised I am back for an update on the progress with my site. I have to tell you that I’m super excited and can’t wait to see what the future holds. I turned traffic on three days ago the way you told me and already made my first sale! I want to thank you for the personal help and your team for the excellent work on my site. Everything looks really professional and I am feeling very optimistic about my new business venture

A big thumbs up!!

Testimonial by Elizabeth

I just wanted to give a quick update. Jan’s team created a great website for me, and I am now making sales! Yeah!! Jan’s team is wonderful to work with. Although I still have a lot to learn, Jan’s step-by-step course is exactly what I have been looking for all these years. I now have all the information (not just bits and pieces) I need in order to eventually replace my offline income with online income. I am very grateful to Jan for creating this course.

Testimonial by Jeremy Khattar

I have been working with Jan and his team for about 4 weeks now (As a Newbie) literally knowing maybe 1% of everyone here.

Jan has helped me build my website and I learnt from him through the most simple videos ever created and easy to follow, and I am happy to say with only 40% of everything applied I have made my first juicy sale and I am so happy to say that it is worth every penny!

Thank you Jan and your team for supporting me and answering all my million questions on time and helping me achieve what will now grow to be my income stream and my freedom.

Warm regards,
Jeremy Khattar

Testimonial by Brian

Unbelievable!! I just logged 2 more sales! Sorry.. It’s just that I’ve never had this much success before. Also I’m now hovering around a 10% conversion rate. Jan, you have changed my life bro.. Lol! I know it’s still early yet but I now have an amazing system set in place and my income will be growing immensely in the near term.


Testimonial by Carlo

Hands down one of the best courses that I’ve read. I’ve been making money online ever since and I know the ins and outs of online marketing.

This product is everything you need in order to start making money now. You only need this product period.

Plus there’s a hidden gem inside that will completely blow your mind.

Every marketer should buy this course now! Don’t jump around buying the next big thing. If you want a real business then this is your course right here!

There’s nothing worse than watching all these so called gurus supposedly making thousands or even millions of dollars, while you’re stuck where you’ve always been, working your fingers to the bone, but never seeing any results for all your hard work.

And to make matters worse, as your bills start piling up, your wife is always asking you when your Internet business is going to pay off? You can see the doubt in her eyes and you can tell from the tone of her voice that her patience is wearing thin.

My wife used to always ask me if I was married to her or that F+++++ Computer.

With all the Crap out there, You end up feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the Internet Marketing jargon you just don’t understand and quite honestly, most of it is pure BS.

You see, most of these so called Gurus never make any real money from the methods that they teach. They make their money selling these outdated and rehashed money making methods to people like you.

I mean, these guys are coming up with new products almost weekly now. That is their main business.

Until now, the only way to learn the real secrets for building a profitable authority niche website were to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars going through trial and error, trying to figure it out for yourself.

That’s what I did.

The problem with this option is that it is very expensive, time consuming and you always have that doubt in the back of your mind, wondering whether this is going to work out or not.

Your chances of giving up and moving to the next big thing that some marketer has sold to you goes up exponentially when you are trying to figure it out by yourself.

That’s why today, I’m delighted to share with you my brand new Authority Site Video Course called “Authority Site Secrets” that is going to take you by the hand and walk you through the whole process of building an Authority Site in a niche that spits out wads of cash from Amazon, Adsense, Clickbank and at the same time builds your email subscriber lists into the tens of thousands.

I know that may sound unbelievable, but in a moment you’ll see how it all works, so just keep watching.

Hi, my name is Jan Roos and over the last 4 years I’ve made over $5 Million in sales through Amazon, Made Tens of Thousands from Adsense, Clickbank and my own Info Products while building my subscriber lists into the tens of thousands as well.

I have also helped lots of people just like you, make their own full time incomes from the strategies that I teach.

In my latest training program, Authority Site Secrets, I reveal the exact steps you need to follow in order to build a real business that you and your family can depend on for years to come.

A business that does not rely on only one or one source of traffic or income.

Whether you’re trying to make a few hundred dollars per month just to help with the bills or make 5 , 10 or $15 thousand per month, My Authority Site Secrets Course gives you the missing pieces of the puzzle you need to finally make your dreams a reality.

Now what makes this program different to any other program out there?

This isn’t just a collection of ideas or principles. It’s a simple, yet highly effective step-by-step FORMULA.

All you need to do is follow the video instructions.

I will show you step by step how to setup one of these authority sites, how to drive traffic to your site and how to profit from your site.

By now you’re probably wondering how much The Authority Site Secrets Course is going to be.

And that’s a fair question given that the only way to get access to this information in the past was to pay me thousands for personal one on one coaching.

However, the reason I created the Authority Site Secrets Course is because I am absolutely fed up of seeing all of the crap products being sold to people like you at the moment by marketers who do not know what they are talking about.

Like I said before, I know how it feels to spend so many hours and so much money trying to build an online business in order to have the freedom to do what you want, when you want and never having to work for a boss again.

I see so many people quit on their dreams every day because of all these crappy products they buy which pulls them into a thousand different directions.

I genuinely want to help you achieve your dreams of having a profitable website that you can run from anywhere in the world.

This means that for a low one-time investment of just $495.00 you can have the road map you need to get your own profitable authority site once and for all.

I have spent thousands and countless hours going through trial and error to develop this system and you can get access today for a fraction of that price.

So if you want to start raking in sales and receive a constant flow of income from your Authority Site, just click the “Buy Now” button below this video.

And you’ll be glad to know that The Authority Site Secrets Course comes with my 30 day personal 100% Rock Solid, money back guarantee.

If you don’t LOVE the program, for whatever reason, then I actually don’t want to keep your money.

All you have to do is shoot me a quick email and I’ll immediately refund every cent.

Don’t you think, you’ve been struggling to achieve your Online Business goals for long enough?

The missing link you’ve been searching for to finally turn your hopes and dreams into reality is just a few clicks away.

Imagine opening your email inbox every morning and seeing a flood of new sales notifications from around the world. You then flick over to your Amazon and Adsense account and see the cold hard cash piling up in your account faster than you’ve ever seen before.

That’s what I want for you, and I know it’s what you want for yourself, so grab your copy of The Authority Site Secrets Course now and let’s get you started today!